Permanent jewelry is precious medals that are bonded together so there’s no clasp, no losing it, and no broken parts. I know you still have questions, but I got you!

A different kind of connection.

"I loved going with my girlfriends and will definitely go back. The jewelry is amazing high quality and it adds so much taste to an outfit, while also adding the perfect accent to other jewelry. I love my bracelets!!"
- Mckayla

"Bonded is such a fun and quick experience."

"I was one of the first people to get a bonded bracelet over a year ago and mine are still perfect! I rock climb and am very hard on my jewelry and I have never had it come undone or had any issues. I have so much peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to my bracelet they will take care of me."
- Annie

"They will make you feel like their best friend!"


Permanent jewelry is simply jewelry that is clasp-less. It is meant to be put on and left on for an extended period of time. The jewelry is secured on in a more permanent manner using a small machine that Bonds, or connects, the metal together. 

Permanent jewelry made from good metal(not all metals are created equal but we will get to that in a second) is swimming, showering, airport security safe. But if you ever do need to take it off you simply cut where the jewelry was bonded. Then when you are ready to put it back on just come see us to get it re-bonded. Easy. Think tattoo but with less commitment.

So What is 'Permanent' Jewelry?

Gold Jewelry Basics

There are 4 main types of gold jewelry: Solid gold, Gold filled, Gold vermeil, and Gold plated

Two things are required for something to be considered gold filled;
- It must be made a specific way where the gold is basically melted onto the bass(middle) metal.
- It also must contain a minimum amount of gold. Once those two standards are met there is variation in gold filled based on the bass metals, the thickness of the gold, and the karat of gold used. We of course use an extremely high quality 14k gold filled for our chains. This gives us the best of solid gold without the full cost.

Gold Vermeil and gold plated are both made in a way that the gold is able to rub/chip off. While these two typed of gold jewelry are the least expensive that is reflected in the longevity of the pieces. For this reason we avoid them for permanent jewelry.

1) You will try on and pick out what chain(s) you want. If you already know which chain(s) you want, please let us know before your appointment so we can try and make sure to have it for you. Sometimes certain styles sell out.

2) Then we will custom fit the chain to your wrist, ankle or neck and apply a temporary link so you can test the sizing. Once we have determined the perfect fit, we will Bond your jewelry.

*Once the chain is cut, it is final sale. So make sure it’s the one you love before we cut the chain.

3) After you’re Bonded, we will take your Bonded Bestie picture.

4) We will take Paypal, Cash, Debit or Credit Cards as payment. No checks.

The Bonded Process


Do they require maintenance?

The gold is pretty maintenance free. The sterling silver may need to be polished if it starts tarnishing.

Do they tarnish?

They don’t because they are made of sterling silver and 14K gold filled.

If it’s permanent, does that mean it can never come off?

It’s as permanent as you want it to be.
If you need to remove it, just cut it at the link that was Bonded so we can put it back on for you when you’re ready.

Do they fall off?

Your bracelet should never fall off! Let us know if it does and we will put it back on.

What if I need surgery?

Some surgeries don’t require you to take them off. But if you need too, just cut it on the link we Bonded and then come back to us. We will Bond it back on for free!

How do they hold up in water?

Because they’re 14K gold filled and Sterling silver they’re waterproof.

Will it cause any issues with airport security?

Because the bracelets are made of precious metals, they won’t set off a metal detector. This is like a wedding ring.

How do the bracelets hold up in chlorine water?

The gold is pretty much maintenance free. And like any nice sterling silver jewelry, with a lot of exposure to chlorine it may tarnish. But it can be polished and looking brand new!

Do you only do pop-ups or do you have a studio?

We do pop up's, private parties, and have a small studio. We are in the process of finding a more permanent studio space.

How strong are they?

The bond is pretty strong. But it is fine jewelry so it's not invincible! If it breaks, bring it back to us and we’ll bond it back on!

Do you get new or different chains?

We will occasionally offer new chains that will be available for a limited time.

Can I change my mind after getting Bonded?

No. All sales are finals.

Do you take walk-ins?

We are by appointment only so you can have the best Bonding Experience. We occasionally take walk-ins at select pop up's.

Can you do a bracelet with a clasp?

We do have clasps, just let us know ahead of time to make sure we have some in stock!

Does it hurt?

No pain tolerance required.

How does it melt together without burning you?

Training & Practice to figure out the right settings and techniques.

If a group is larger would you prefer a pop-up or private event?

When we do a pop-up we help promote it and put the scheduling link on our calendar.
When it’s a private event the host is in control of who attends and has a private scheduling link.

If we host the pop-up, do you get a free bracelet?

Absolutely! It’s our way of saying thank you!

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