I have been a family and children's photographer for 11+ years. During that time my little family moved 11 times across 5 states. Those adventures and my photo career have changed how I view the connections, the bonds, we have in our lives. 

I chose to open a franchise of Bonded because I know far to well what having something connecting me to the most important people in my life means. I value experience and quality above all. With Bonded I get to give you all of that.

Whether it is something we find within ourselves or with someone else, that feeling of connection and love changes the world. I love that I get to give you something that helps you keep it with you every day.

I'm Michelle.

Meet Christee + Rachel

Christee and Rachel started the original Bonded in Utah in 2019. For years, their group of friends talked about getting friendship tattoos together but they could never agree on what to get! They wanted something that would signify their friendship and the bond that they have together. 
That's where Bonded was born. They thought permanent jewelry would be a fun and exciting bonding experience — like getting a tattoo but with a different type of commitment. They think you’ll love your bonded bracelet as much as you love the meaning behind it!

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

My camera

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Quality REALLY matters.

Your experience should be amazing, every time.

You will love your jewelry as much as the meaning behind it.

We Believe